What is PaleoEdge?
The PaleoEdge is the short Mesolithic bridge between the late Paleolithic period and the beginning of the agricultural Neolithic age. The diet was one of a hunter-gatherer with the beginning of plant and animal domestication. Learn More

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The modern version of the Paleo diet is not an accurate portrayal of our distant ancestors. The plants and animals were wild breeds, the water was pure and mineral rich, and einkorn bread was most likely a staple of the late Paleolithic period. Grass-fed butter and fermented dairy have proven to enhance mankind’s health, not deteriorate it. Accessibility to vitamins and adaptogens have filled in the deficiencies and offered protection to the modern chemical world. Therefore the highest form of the Paleo diet is a hybrid between the hunter gatherer, the farmer and the modern man, known as the PaleoEdge.

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