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Lifting Program for Hockey

Hockey requires a tremendous combination of power, speed and endurance. Strong legs and a strong back form the basis of the movements and angles of the body needed for skating, shooting, passing and checking. All you have to do is watch this video to see the importance and application of the power clean and all plyometric movements.

Monday (5 Round Circuit, 90 sec between sets)
Power Clean 5×5
Clapping pushups 5×10
Weighted box jumps 5×10
Weighted Dips 5×5
Toes to bar 5×20

Wednesday (90 sec between sets)
Squat 5×5
Overhead Press 5×5
Kettlebell swings 5×10
Pull-ups (bodyweight or weighted) 5×5-10
Knees to elbows 5×20

Friday (90 sec between sets)
Power Clean 5×5
Underhand medicine ball throws for distance 5×10
Medicine ball chest pass for distance 5×10
Medicine ball slam 5×10



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