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Bodyweight Program for Surfing


surfing Jason Harris


The awesome picture above is from my client Jason Harris. The competition for surfing is getting more and more fierce, and I have noticed a nutrition and exercise trend in the upcoming generations that wasn’t as prevalent before. I grew up surfing and spent every summer at the beach in southern California. The amount of energy duck diving, paddling and getting worked by a never ending set will put you out of breath. Circuit training is the best approach with a focus on muscle endurance. Power and speed are important to get a wave, but you definitely do not want to find yourself fatigued and out of breath. In competition, you want to be able to jump on the next wave with as much energy as the last one.

This is a program I designed for surfers wanting to keep a workout regime while they were traveling with little to no equipment. I would recommend using a rower if you have access to one and ending each workout with it.

  • Work on doing double unders. This is where the jump rope goes twice around with each jump. Work up to doing 25 in a row. This builds incredible endurance at max effort. If doing singles, do twice as many as the required amount of double unders.
  • You can increase or decrease the numbers here depending on where you are. Make sure that each workout beats the last workout by 1 rep/or second per exercise. This will help build muscle and stamina, but make sure not to do it a day before competition because you will be fatigued.

Monday 5 rounds (rest 1-2 minutes between rounds)
10 double unders
1-minute plank
10 jumping lunges (each side is 1)
10 dive bomber pushups or side to side pushups (each side is one)
10 burpees

Wednesday 5 rounds (rest 1-2 minutes between rounds)
20 squats (hips below knees)
10 pike pushups or 5 overhead pushups (progress to the handstand pushup. These are done with your legs against a wall)
10 burpees
5 pull-ups (if there is somewhere you can do this)
1 minute jump rope singles

Friday 5 rounds (rest 1-2 minutes between rounds)
20 mountain climbers
10 clapping pushups
20 situps
30 sec wall sits

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