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The Best Sprinting Program for Stealing Bases

When I injured my arm pitching in baseball, I decided to try track for the year while it healed. Little did I know that this would help me build a sprinting foundation and breaking a record in stolen bases. Unfortunately, I tore tendons in my ankle during a stupid pick up basketball game that forced me to take a year off, and despite being offered a starting position in college, I declined.

During my time sprinting I didn’t lift weights, but instead spent any time outside of running on plyometrics. You can increase your sprinting times by increasing explosive power off the line. This is the secret to stealing bases, which is decided in nanoseconds. Sprinting is highly technical, and you would be surprised how much of it is decided upon your first jump.

You will highly benefit from getting a small sled to increase speed and power off the line. The other option is called a Power Sled which is awesome for building your calves and quads.

Monday (5 rounds, 90 sec rest or more in between exercises)

20 Double unders (jump rope twice around each jump)
Squat jumps 40 yards 4 laps
Sled pulls 40 yards 4 laps
One leg box lunges (weighted) 10 per side

Wednesday (5 rounds, 90 sec rest or more in between exercises)
Stationary jumping lunges 20 total
Box jumps 20 reps
Power Sled 40 yards 4 laps
Bicycle abs 30 seconds
Weighted calf raises 20 per side

Friday (5 rounds, 90 sec rest or more in between exercises)
Sprints in place with light dumbbells 20 seconds
Wall balls 15 reps fast
Burpees to pull-ups 10 reps
Knees to elbows hanging from the bar 20 reps




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