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Lifting Program for Wrestling

The first period in college matches is three minutes long. The second period is two minutes long, and the third period is two minutes long. The first overtime round is one minute long, the second overtime is one minute long with two 30 second tie breakers. If a winner still cannot be determined, then subsequent overtime rounds are structured in one minute periods until a wrestler wins.

This means that a wrestler wants to be able to have the ability to put an all out effort consistently for 10 minutes or more. For this, a structure a circuit of conditioning and strength training to achieve maximum output and recovery time between efforts will be the best approach. If you are in season, conditioning should be done through wrestling, rowing, swimming, biking and sprints with specific strength training exercises.

Monday 5 Round Circuit 

Squat 5×5
Handstand pushup 5×5-10
Bodyweight or weighted dips 5×5
Bear crawl 5 laps
Crab crawl 5 laps

Wednesday 5 round Circuit

Power Clean 5×5
Pushups 20×5
Pull-ups (bodyweight or weighted) 10×5
Bodyweight squats 30 reps

Friday 5 Round Conditioning Circuit

Bear Complex  5×5 90 second rest in between rounds.
Swimming or rowing sprints. 30 seconds max effort, 90 second rest for 8 rounds.



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